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The Hemisfèric, which was inaugurated in April of 1998, is a unique and spectacular building designed by Santiago Calatrava and which reminds one of a giant human eye. It is surrounded by water that enhances its beauty.


Inside, Spain’s largest cinema room can be found, featuring three different projection systems. The building has a domed screen whose surface area is 900 m2 and it is surrounded by pools of water that can be used as a stage for different shows.  Additionally, the building has other large areas for different events.


Perimeter ring

Es un espacio semicubierto, una zona ovalada que rodea la cúpula que alberga la sala de proyecciones.


Con una superficie de 1.700 m², es un espacio totalmente diáfano rodeado por increíbles lagos de aguas turquesas, ideal para la realización de cualquier evento.


Está delimitado por cancelas laterales móviles y transparentes, que permiten a los asistentes estar en continua comunicación con el exterior del edificio.


Es uno de los espacio más emblemáticos y solicitados para la realización de eventos, ya que cualquier montaje resulta espectacular en este espacio.

Cinema room

This is Spain’s largest cinema room and it features three different projection systems and a concave screen whose surface area is 900 m². There is seating capacity for 300 people.


The cinema room offers a wide range of technical possibilities and is an ideal space for product debuts, conferences, talks, etc. 
You can also offer a private screening of any of the films currently being shown at the Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències just for your event.


Hemisfèric lakes

This is a semi-covered space, an oval area that surrounds the dome housing the Hemisfèric’s cinema room. Its surface area is 1,700 m² and it is a completely open space surrounded by incredible pools of turquoise water, ideal for any event.


The ring is bounded by transparent, mobile side gates that allow attendees to be in continuous contact with the outside of the building.

This is one of the most emblematic and requested spaces, as any event configuration turns out spectacular here.

Glass walkway

Surrounded by two large pools of water, this space is used to access the Hemisfèric’s Perimeter Ring.


This space provides terrific panoramic views of the Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències. It is the ideal place for your event.

Turia walkway

This is an outdoor walkway located between the Hemisfèric and the Palau de les Arts.  


From this space, our clients enjoy spectacular views of the most emblematic buildings at the Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències. This is the ideal backdrop for cocktail parties, dinners, presentations, film shoots, etc.

Cypress walkway

Located to the north of the complex, it is adjoining to the Turia Gardens and the northern pool of the Hemisfèric.


Because of its size and location, it is the perfect place for product sampling, product promotion, presentations, exhibitions, cocktail parties, etc.