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Museu de les Ciències


The Museu de les Ciències has become a reference point for interactive science. Its main objective is stimulating curiosity and critical thinking and at the same time surprising and amusing the public by its contents from the world of science, technology, and the environment.

The diversity of interactive exhibitions and the numerous activities of dissemination that have been carried out at the Museu have helped to make it a great success with members of the public, who have responded enthusiastically to its bid to disseminate science and technology from an amusing and entertaining viewpoint without forgetting the scientific precision necessary when approaching the subjects treated.


The Museu de les Ciències has a building area of over 42,000 square metres, of which 26,000 square metres are for exhibitions.

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The exterior of this museum captivates the visitor in its own right. The building is magnificent in its proportions and organic shapes and houses a multitude of activities and initiatives related to the evolution of life and scientific and technological dissemination.


The Museu de les Ciències, the work of the Valencian architect Santiago Calatrava, is unique in the world for the geometry of the building, its structure, the materials employed and the constant presence of nature within it.


In the Museu building, architecture, engineering and art have a close relationship, both with the world of science and technology and with several basic principles: simplicity of approach and elegance of architectural forms. Hence, in the Museu building, the contents and the container achieve an overall coherence.

The Museu de les Ciències has many guided tour options.

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The Museum has its own personality, in the style of modern architecture that makes museum containers part of the collection itself or their content. Its enormous size allows it to host various types of activities at the same time, unlike small museums, which must limit their function to a particular field of science or nature.


In the Museu you have everything you need


: 08/05/2024
 – 01/09/2024


Museu de les Ciències

First floor.- Science, art and culture are intertwined to understand the Mediterranean in a comprehensive way....

Catalogue of exhibitions made on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the Museu de les Ciències.


The Science on Stage

 “Experimental classrooms” also offer animations.


These classrooms are dedicated spaces for conducting more systematic workshops and demonstrations. In “Science on Stage,” for example, the audience can enjoy spectacular, participatory, and fun experimental demonstrations to learn basic scientific principles.

Did you know that...?



It is a large-scale representation of the 23 pairs of chromosomes in the human genome, featuring numerous interactive modules related to specific genes in each chromosome and their functions.


School competitions, summer schools, concerts, courses for teachers…

04 Jun 2024
 – 18 Jul 2024


Museu de les Ciències

The Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències announces the first edition of the national astrophotography competition ASTROCIUTAT. The universe in images’



During these years, the Museu de les Ciències has become a prominent forum for hosting a wide variety of scientific conferences.


It has even become an international reference center by hosting important events such as the 5th Euro-Mediterranean Summit, the International Astrophysics Congress “100 Years of Supernova,” the Meeting on Desertification in the Mediterranean Region, the 57th International Astronautical Congress, and the 27th Plenary Meeting of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change of the United Nations, among others.


Additionally, it maintains a close collaboration, with frequent personal and material exchanges, with the world’s leading scientific museums.

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