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The City of Arts and Sciences announces the fourth edition of the “Acción por el Clima” competition. This event is specially designed for Primary, Secondary, and High School students, as well as those pursuing Basic Vocational Training and Intermediate Level, along with educators from all over Spain.


The main objective of this competition is to raise awareness among participants about the impact of human activities on the environment, with a particular emphasis on the issue of climate change. “Acción por el Clima” represents an innovative way to connect with the educational community, standing out for its ability to engage teachers, students, and society at large.


This initiative aims, among other purposes, to make students aware of the ecological footprint we leave on the planet, emphasizing the importance of combating climate change and promoting the responsible use of natural resources.


The competition consists of two phases. The first phase will be online, where teams will work on specific projects according to their category. These projects must be recorded and submitted for evaluation. The second phase, in-person, will take place at the Museum of Sciences, where the works selected by the jury will be presented in an exhibition.


If you are passionate about the environment and want to be part of this initiative that promotes change and environmental awareness, do not hesitate to get more details and register for the “Acción por el Clima” competition.


Your participation can make a difference and contribute to the care of our planet. Dare to be part of the change!



Location: Museu de les Ciències

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