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Servicios Umbracle in the City of Arts and Sciences

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Umbracle Services


Inside L'Umbracle there is a two-storey carpark with space for up to 661 cars and 25 coaches.


Visitors can receive personalized information on the Museu y la Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències and/or purchase the different brochures for the buildings (opening hours, rates, programming, activities...).


The toilets are located at the end of the parking, also there are toilets adapted for people with functional diversity.


Two outdoor elevators to access the exhibition area of ​​the Umbracle, and four interior elevators that give access to the different floors of the parking lot.


Open every day from 8:00 a.m. to 12 at midnight. Parking is not allowed after closing time.


Car and bus rate: real-time payment €2.30/hour. Maximum rate €24/day.


Promotion of the car park (only for cars or motorcycles). 


Rate: € 7 / day. With the purchase of any ticket from the Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències, you can enjoy this promotion (until closing time).


Parking after closing time does not enter in the promotion. Night parking is not allowed. Check the schedule during the Christmas period.

You must show your ticket to the Ciutat de les arts i les Ciències at the Museu or Hemisfèric box office or directly in the Umbracle car park.


Parking ticket office and cash machines:
On the ground floor, at the east end, next to the vehicle exit ramp, is the car park ticket office, where authorized personnel will assist you with whatever you need.

You can also make use of the payment machines: two located on the ground floor and five on the first floor.


During some very specific events, the car park may be temporarily closed.

The carpark is situated on a level between that of the Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències and that of the surrounding streets, seven metres below the city’s ground level.


The coach park, with a roof supported by a row of large white trees, is located on a covered interior road on the city’s ground level.

As well as the unique cultural and leisure activities on offer at Hemisfèric, the Museu de les Ciències and Oceanogràfic, one can park inside L’Umbracle’s covered carpark and have 24h surveillance.


The Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències is linked by public transport to the historic centre of Valencia, 5 minutes from the beach, the Port and La Albufera and very close to 2 large shopping centres.

  • The access to cars of 2.10 metres high or over is not permitted. Neither is permitted the access to buses of 4.50 metres or over.
  • The access to camping vehicles is not permitted.
  • Users must take a parking ticket or hold a season parking ticket to enter to the car park.
  • Users must remove extractable accessories such as radio cassettes or mobile phones.
  • Users must park in single spaces within the markings of the same, or if appropriate where indicated by car park personnel.
  • Users must respect the signs placed at the entrance and within the car park and follow the personnel instructions.
  • Users must drive slowly and respect other vehicles making parking manoeuvres.
  • Users must notify to the car park personnel any incident occurred to their vehicles. Instructions must be followed (in the event of a breakdown, an emergency, … ).
  • Overtaking is prohibited. Reversing is only permitted as a parking manoeuvre.
  • Repairing and cleaning vehicles is prohibited.
  • Leaving dangerous material or objects and animals, whether inside or outside the vehicle, is forbidden.
  • The organization will not be held responsible for replacing any extractable objects or any personal effects or objects that users have left in their cars. The company has no special service for keeping accessories.
  • The organization will have the right to retain the vehicle in order to guarantee payment of the car park fee.
  • The organization may use the procedure established in Article 71 of the Law on Traffic and Road Safety when a vehicle remains continuously parked in the same place for over six months. In such a way, it can be rationally assumed that the car has been abandoned.


They must park in the areas set aside for them.


They must not park in the areas reserved for season ticket holders.
The price established must be paid before the vehicle is removed, either in the control area or at the checkouts provided. If you have lost your ticket go to the control area in order to prove your ownership of the vehicle by presenting your ID and the car papers.