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Year: 2018
Director: Mark Brownlon and Rachel Butler
Length: 40 minutes
Rating: suitable for all audiences
Languages: Spanish, Valencian, English and French


Discover the largest, least explored habitat of our planet: the mysterious world of our oceans and the amazing creatures that inhabit it


“Oceans”, a film in fulldome 2D format, is an extraordinary voyage that will transport you from the frigid coasts of the Arctic to the warm waters of the tropics, a journey through our seas in which you will discover the spectacular life that is found just below the waves. Surfing dolphins, an ingenious common fangtooth fish which uses a tool to open its food and a clever octopus that uses seashells as armour against predators are some of the fascinating characters on this submarine adventure.

We know much less about the oceans than about life on land, in fact, there have been more people on the moon than in the deepest parts of the sea. The oceans are the vital support system for an unimaginable richness of life, as well as for us. This screening will show you new scientific discoveries and reveal the connection between the coasts and the ocean depths, as well as that, in the long run, the future of the ocean is our future.

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