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The exhibition “Memoria” is an interactive sample that invites the visitor to get to know the different aspects of memory, and their importance in our life, from different points of view like neurological, personal and cultural.



The senses of smelling and hearing move us more quickly to distant moments in our memory. However, our brain is not infallible and does not always act as we need; sometimes our memory does not store the information that comes to you or does it incorrectly. Each of us has a unique and personal memory that makes us who we are, but there are also memories that we share at a local or world level, as a consequence of a shocking historical fact.


Throughout the exhibition and through a set of interactive modules and audiovisual media, the public discovers that memory is fallible and changing; that there are several different systems of memory that make use of different areas of the brain, or that it is the faculty more closely linked to the identity, the senses and the history of oneself.


“Memoria” addresses issues such as a direct access through sensory experience: what is forgetfulness; where the visitor can experience the different kinds of “defects” in his memory.

Building: Museu de les Ciències
Location: Primera planta

Galería de imágenes