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The LIBERA project is an initiative of SEO BirdLife, in partnership with ECOEMBES, whose objective is to raise awareness and mobilize citizens to keep natural spaces free of “basuraleza,” the term used to describe the widespread phenomenon of garbage accumulation in rural and coastal environments worldwide.


As part of this project, for the first time, the celebration of a campaign dedicated to the commemoration of World Oceans Day on June 8th is proposed, with the city of Valencia and the area of the Ciutat de les Artsi les Ciències serving as the host for the following activities:


  • Saturday, June 3rd. Voluntary and collaborative mobilization campaign: 1m2 against ‘basuraleza’. Convened in the Turia Garden – Section XVI, adjacent to the Museu de les Ciències and the Oceanogràfic. This area becomes a collection point for abandoned ‘basuraleza’ in this green environment, where volunteer personnel will remove the waste that should have ended up in nature. The day will start from 10:00 a.m., and the meeting point will be the east entrance of the Museu de les Ciències.
  • Monday, June 5th. Talks against basuraleza 2023. As part of World Environment Day, a series of informative talks against ‘basuraleza’ will be held, hosted by the comedian and presenter Juan Luis Cano (Gomaespuma), with the assistance of biologist and science communicator Odile Rodríguez de la Fuente, and the coordinators of the LIBERA project, Miguel Muñoz from SEO BirdLife and Sara Güemes from Ecoembres, at 7:00 p.m. in the Santiago Grisolía Auditorium of the Museu de les Ciències
  • Thursday, June 8th. Celebration of World Oceans Day. Inauguration of two temporary exhibitions at the Museu de les Ciències and the Oceanogràfic:
    • Museu de les Ciències: Opening at 11:00 a.m. of the exhibition “Stop basuraleza,” on Minor Street.
    • Oceanogràfic: Inauguration of the ‘Macropecera de basuraleza’ installation, aiming to raise awareness about the serious problem of sea pollution.


Knowledge, prevention, and participation are the three pillars on which the LIBERA project aims to raise awareness and mobilize citizens to keep natural spaces free of waste.



Location: Museu de les Ciències
Ubicación: Calle menor

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