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Year: 2017
Director: Greg MacGillivray
Length: 42 Minutes
Rating: Rated ‘G’ for General Audiences
Language: Spanish, Valencian, English and Italian


“Dream Big” and discover the human ingenuity that lies behind the marvels of engineering.

Who does the building of the human race’s future depend on? That question is the start of a great adventure that invites you to “Dream Big.”  The IMAX DOME movie Dream Big celebrates the human ingenuity that lies behind the wonders of engineering and reveals the reasons that inspire creators to improve our lives and achieve a more sustainable future for all.

From the Great Wall of China and the world’s tallest buildings to underwater robots, solar cars, and smart cities, Dream Big uses a series of inspiring stories to show you the hidden world behind humanity’s most exciting inventions and structures. This film offers a new perspective on engineering that goes way beyond math and science with the aim of inspiring the hearts and minds of the next generation of engineers. Creativity and cooperation, humanity, and hopes and dreams are also key players in Dream Big.

“Scientist study the world as it is. Engineers create the worl that has never been”. Theodores von Kárman, Aesrospace Engineer

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