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Year: 2016 (2022 remastered)
Duration: 40 minutes (29 minutes of Auroras + 11 minutes of the short film Waiting for Away)
Rating: Suitable for all audiences
Languages: Spanish, English, and French
Producer, Director, Writer, Director of Photography, and Editor of the Project: KWON O CHUL
Music: Kim Sujin; Re-recording Mixer: Yoo Mun-Yeon; Sound Design: Kim Ki-bum, Yoon Jung-Hwa, Kim Yong Bea


Explore the wonders of nature with “Auroras. Northern Lights,” a stunning film that immerses us in one of the most spectacular phenomena of the natural world. Presented on a fully immersive 900 m2 fulldome screen, this fascinating projection seeks to raise awareness about the importance of preserving our natural heritage. The images, captured by renowned astrophotographer Kwon O Chul and his team using ultra-high-sensitivity cameras, offer a unique view of the night sky in Yellowknife, Canada, capturing the breathtaking beauty of the Aurora.


As you marvel at the stunning images, you will explore the following topics presented in the film:


Auroras from the International Space Station
Understanding the Aurora phenomenon
Exploring the secrets behind auroral colors
Mythology surrounding the Aurora and the origin of its name
Best locations to witness the Aurora
Various forms of Aurora and auroral substorms
Latest scientific advancements in Aurora studies
Auroras on other planets


The magnificence of these images has inspired folklore in polar regions for centuries. From indigenous beliefs of spirits dancing in the sky to ancient Roman mythology, the Aurora has captivated the human imagination throughout history.


In addition to the screening of Auroras: Northern Lights, a short film produced by The Charles Hayden Planetarium called “Waiting Far Away” is included. It is a collection of full-dome astronomical art animations that has evolved into a hybrid form of storytelling, blending imagination with real data.



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