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Year: 2017
Director: Mike Slee
Length: 45 minutes
Rating: Rated ‘G’ for General Audiences
Languages: Spanish, Valencian, English and Italian.


Accompany the naturalist Henry Walter Bates on his extraordinary eleven-year journey through the Amazon jungle. Discover how this young researcher risked his life for science in the 1850s


The IMAX file “Amazon Adventure” tells the epic story of explorer Henry Bates on his expedition in the Amazon which allowed him to make crucial contributions to biology. He identified 8,000 new species and, most importantly, putting forth the first ever case for the creation of a new species, which Charles Darwin called the “beautiful proof” for natural selection.

Travel through the exuberant Amazon region and experience, together with Bates, the danger, the perseverance and the success in a fascinating world where imitation is the surprising phenomenon with which an animal can adopt another’s appearance and gain an edge in survival. Immerse yourself in the wild world of impressive beauty and captivating animal behaviour.

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