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Servicios Oceanogràfic

Servicios del Oceanogràfic

ticket office

The Oceanogràfic has several ticket sales points for the different buildings of the Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències where you will also receive information and advice on buying tickets .


The visitor can receive personalized information about the Oceanogràfic and the Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències and/or purchase the different brochures of the buildings (timetables, prices, programming, activities...).


Both in the Oceanogràfic and in the rest of the City of Arts and Sciences complex, there is a wide gastronomic offer to offer our clients the service that best suits them to your needs


All our buildings are adapted with ramps and/or elevatorss to ensure that all visitors can access any point of the aquarium.

Aquarium plan

Access the map of the Oceanográfic, where you can see all the different areas.

How to get there and parking

Is simple thanks to the indications along the city. Besides, we have a parking where deposit your vehicle, parking of bicycles, and a buses network that connect us with distinct points of Valencia.


Useful information and recommendations when planning your visit to the park.


Online store

In our online store you can easily purchase our products from home.


All the products available in our online store can also be found in our physical stores, located in the Oceanogràfic, the Science Museum and the Hemisfèric.


You can access any of them without having to buy a ticket to the venue.


Organize any type of corporate event at the Oceanogràfic in Valencia and enjoy an incomparable setting.


The Oceanogràfic is positioned as an exceptional meeting place for companies that wish to celebrate their events with a touch of distinction and uniqueness in the city of Valencia.


In this way, the Oceanogràfic makes available to companies and event organizers different spaces characterized by their singularity and the beauty of their architecture.

Oceanogràfic Foundation

The Oceanogràfic Foundation was created to reinforce and amplify the work that the Oceanogràfic carries out in its purpose of protecting the marine environment.


Our social commitment is to provide new knowledge, improve the care and welfare of animals and inform and raise awareness throughout society, with the aim of improving the conservation of species and their natural habitat.


As aFriend of the Oceanogràfic you can enjoy the largest aquarium in Europe every day of the year.


In addition, you will be supporting projects for the conservation, research and dissemination of marine life.


Normativa Oceanogràfic


  • You must keep your ticket during your visit.
  • Follow the instructions of our personnel on site.
  • Use the standard entrance and exit doors.
  • Use the emergency exits only in case of emergency.
  • It remains forbidden the access to the park with food.
  • Do not eat, drink, or smoke inside the facilities. Use the designated areas.
  • Smoking is allowed in open spaces with the exception of the Dolphinarium and areas with large crowds.
  • Pets are not allowed with the exception of guide dogs for special-needs visitors.
  • Swimming in the ponds is not allowed.
  • Professional filming and photography without authorization are not allowed.
  • Tickets are not refundable except in case of cancellation of the show or activity.
  • The company is not responsable of lost ítems in the premises.
  • The company can change the schedule of activities, projections, and exhibits.
  • The company will take pictures of those customers requesting the service. These photos are only meant to be a souvenir and are destroyed at the end of day.
  • You must follow the instructions of each of the buildings.


  • Exhibitions / exhibitions must be visited well in advance to facilitate access to them.
  • You must check the Oceanogràfic Information Point to exit and re-enter the site.
  • The use of camera flash is not allowed.
    It is not allowed to touch or hit aquariums and throw objects or food at animals.
  • Access with food is not allowed.
  • The use of selfie sticks and underwater cameras is not allowed.
  • The Red Sea Auditorium is a facility for holding different events / exhibitions and may remain closed for organizational reasons.
  • You will have to prove the discounts / gratuities in the ticket offices and / or lathes of access to the enclosure.
  • It is not allowed to access with drones or fly over the Oceanogràfic (Royal Decree 1036/2017)