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The Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències, in its commitment to raising social awareness, has ceded an exhibition space to the Valencian ALS Association, ADELA-CV. This exhibition, carried out by Christian Lizandra García together with the Valencian ALS Association (ADELA-CV) and the Vivó Martínez family, seeks to give visibility to the ALS disease through the life of Fran Vivó, an example of courage and resilience.


‘Fran Vivo hacia AdELAnte’ invites visitors to immerse themselves in Fran Vivó’s life, exploring three key dimensions: his personal life, the ALS disease and the significant moments he shared with his loved ones. Located in the free access area of the Carrer Menor of the Museu de les Ciències, the exhibition is structured as follows:


The life of Fran Vivó
Meet Fran, a journey through his life, his friends, his work and his hobbies. From his passion for being a forest firefighter to his moments of happiness in nature. ‘Summer has always been for me synonymous with happiness and rest. Enjoying what fulfils me, family, friends and nature’.


Understanding ALS
Learn about ALS, the necessary adaptations and the importance of specialised medical care. ‘I am lucky to be in the hands of the unbeatable team of Dr. Vázquez, neurologist at La Fe Hospital in Valencia. ‘Communication with my family has evolved at every stage of my illness. We have had to adapt to each situation’.


Moments of life
Discover how Fran and her loved ones celebrated life, despite the adversities. From birthday parties to the music that brought her comfort. ‘In general, birthdays in my family have been celebrated as a big party. Because we celebrate LIFE. ‘Music has been a very good friend during many moments of my illness where I couldn’t put words to what I was going through’.


We invite you to discover Fran Vivó’s inspiring story in an exhibition that not only informs about ALS, but also celebrates life and the struggle, serving as a source of inspiration for all.






 – 30/06/2024
Building: Museu de les Ciències
Location: Planta baja